Gettysburg Civilians of 1863 

            Battle For Gettysburg Books by Linda Clark 

What civilians are included in each  book?
This historical fiction book features these real people:
Mary Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Rebecca Eyster
Wesley Culp
Lydia Ziegler
Amelia Harman
Elizabeth Thorn
Matilda Pierce
Jenny Wade
Georgia McClellan
David Kendlehart
Hugh Scott
Martha Scott
Mary McAllister
The Town Third Reader - copyright 1847

Fannie and David Buehler

Agnes Barr

Matilda Pierce

Elizabeth Thorn

Annie Skelly

Mary McAllister

Elizabeth Gilbert

Sarah Broadhead

John Burns

Daniel Skelly

Julia and Henry Jacobs

Mary Warren

Sarah King

Emma Yount

Nellie Auchinbaugh

David Schick

T.F. Shuey

Lydia Ziegler

Harriet and Billy Bayly

Amanda Harman

Laura McMillan 

Sadie Hoffman

James Tawney

Isaac Durboraw

David Conover

Eliza Farnham

Widows - Lydia Leister and Mary Thompson
Hostages - Emmanuel Trostle and George Codori
African Americans - Jack Hopkins and Mag Palm
Husband and Wife - George and Hettie Shriver
Father and Daughter - David and Margaretta Kendlehart
Daughter and Father - Liberty and Jacob Hollinger
Schoolgirls - Anna Garlach and Elizabeth McClean
Neighbors - Catherine Foster and Mary Warren
Teenage Boys - Leander Warren and Albertus McCreary
Public School Teachers - Sally Myers and Alice Powers
Academy Teachers - Carrie Sheads and Rebecca Powers
Educators - Dr. Baugher and Dr. Schmucker
Nurses - Jane Smith and Arabella Barlow
Soldiers - Henry Minnigh and Albert Woolson
Lawyers - David Wills and David McConnaughy
Michael Crilly
Robert McIlhenney
James Culp
Catherine Garlach
Harvey Sweney
Mary Virginia Wade
Rosa Snyder
Emma Winebrenner Horine
Laura Bergstresser
Gates Fahnestock
Valentine Sauppe
Reverend Essick
John Will
Mary Horner
Amos Whetstone
Maggie Gruell
Frederick Lehman
John Burns
Elizabeth Butler
Horatio Howell
Jenny McCreary
Julia Jacobs
Catherine Foster
Allen Frazer
Josephine Miller
Mary Sherfy
Edward McPherson Woods
Includes real families with actual Gettysburg addresses near the procession route between the train station and the cemetery.
Israel Yount ~ John Warren ~ David Schick
Jacob Auchinbaugh ~ McClellan Family
Charles Will ~ Tipton/Tyson Studio
David Wills ~ Robert Harper ~ Joel Danner
Martin Stoever ~ William Duncan
James Fahnestock ~ Johnston Skelly, Sr.
George Codori ~ Daniel Culp ~John Cannon
David Kendlehart ~ David Buehler
Henry Stahle ~ Dr. O'Neal ~ David McCreary
Agnes Barr ~ Dr. Runkel  ~ James Pierce
Samuel Witherow ~ Amanda Epley Homan
Hbraharvey Sweney ~ Henry Rupp
Catherine Snyder ~ George George
Abraham Brien ~ Peter Thorn
Dr. Baugher ~ Private William McGrew
Stock House
David Troxell House
Oak Ridge Seminary
Dr. Krauth House
Harmon/McLean Farm
McPherson Farm
Moses McClean Farm
Forney Farm
Alms House and Cemetery
Jacob Kime Farm
Josiah Benner Farm
Crass-Barbehenn House
Kuhn House
Henry Culp Farm
Eyster Female Seminary
Bliss Farm
Nicholas Codori Farm
Klingel Farn
Sherfy Farm
Wentz House
Slyder Farm
Rose Farm
Trostle Farm
George Weikert Farm
Hummelbaugh House
Bryan Farm
Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse
McClellan (Wade) House
Moses McClean House
Tyson Photography Studio

Lydia Leister Farm

Catherine Guinn Farm

Samuel McCreary House

Winebrenner House

Sweney(Farnsworth) House

Berkstresser House

Adams County Court House

St. Francis Catholic Church

John Crawford House

Pennsylvania Hall (College)

Thompson House/Lee's Hdqtrs

Schmucker Hall (Seminary)

Schmucker House

Schultz House

Macmillan House

Emanuel Pitzer Farm

Spangler/Eckenrode Farm

Warfield House

Biesecker/Eisenhower Farm

Snyder Farm

Bushman Farm

Jacob Weikert Farm

Frey/Biggs Farm

Nathaniel Lightner Farm

George Spangler Farm

Isaac Lightner Farm

Rummel Farm

Daniel Lady Farm

Camp Letterman

Montfort Farm

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