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Summer in Gettysburg 2017

Posted by Linda Clark on July 12, 2017 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (0)
Summer in Gettysburg is always full of visitors. And this year I was very busy with book signings at the National Park Visitor Center, as well as the Jennie Wade House, Flex and Flannigans, and the Heritage Center. I also had the opportunity to do a presentation at the Heritage Center on the subject of "Walk A Mile With Lincoln." "Wounded Houses, Shattered Lives" is now available at Lark at 17 Lincoln Square! Hopefully you will have the opportunity to visit our town and actually see the many venues described in my books! A friend pointed out to me that my latest book, "More Wounded Houses, More Shattered Lives" is missing a word! On page 24 there is a space where the word "according" was cut out. It was there in the proof copy, but not in the actual copy. How embarrassing! All of those minor irritations will be corrected for the second printing coming soon! Thanks for Reading!

Springtime in Gettysburg!

Posted by Linda Clark on April 20, 2017 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)
Spring is no doubt the most beautiful time to experience the sights of Gettysburg. The redbud and dogwood are outstanding this year, creating such a stark contrast to the realities of 1863. This year has already been very exciting! My newest, and probably last, book in the series The Battle For Gettysburg: What Was It Like For the Citizens of 1863? is now available for purchase. Since it focuses on famous, as well as less familiar, venues, the research process was much more complicated. Searching newspapers of the 1800's provided much of the information, and shed light on some very interesting citizens of the area. It reminds me of a Facebook of the past! Camp Letterman, the hospital established along the road to York (yes, across from McDonald's and Walmart), proved to have an amazing history between 1863 and the present. Additionally, I tried to include buildings that are on the tour route that often catch the attention of visitors. The Macmillan House, the Schultz House, and the Eisenhower Farm exemplify this category. Pennsylvania Hall on the campus of Gettysburg College, Schmucker Hall on the campus of the Lutheran Seminary, and the Catholic Church are some of the buildings included that played important roles during and after the battle. Also, some of-the-beaten-track locations include the Rummel Farm on East Cavalry Field. Earlier this spring I had the honor of presenting at the Adams County Library in Gettysburg during a Monday author talk program that is facilitated by Bob Appleton. Additionally, I have signed books at the Gettysburg National Park Visitor Center Museum Store where I met amazing people from around the world. It was quite eye-opening to hear the countries represented among the bookstore patrons - people coming great distances to see what we often take for granted. One young lady named Lydia truly made my day by choosing to purchase one of my books (about a Lydia about her age) instead of a souvenir. There is hope for the world - we just have to look!

Autumnal News

Posted by Linda Clark on November 6, 2016 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

My book Wounded Houses ~ Shattered Lives is currently for sale in local stores and museums, and I am working on "MORE Wounded Houses~ Shattered Lives." However, thanks to my uncle, I now have an original autograph book from the 1938 Blue and Gray Reunion. A young lady from Adams County collected signatures and addresses of many attendees at the event. Then, this industrious young lady sent each veteran a letter. At a local auction, in a "box lot", my uncle was surprised to find the vintage autograph book along with many thank you letters received in response to her letter. What a rare treasure! Certainly this material from the past contains enough gems for a future book.


This summer I had the opportunity to present a power point about the 1863 civilian experiences during the battle and its aftermath at the Gettysburg Heritage Museum. How wonderful to have one of my former students in the audience!


In October I was honored to speak at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg for the Camp Curtin Historical Society and Civil War Roundtable. The power point presentation featured many of the citizens featured in Wounded Houses - Shattered Lives. It was wonderful to present this same program at the Juniata County Library to a group of fellow educators in Delta Kappa Gamma

More Readers, More Venues, More Books

Posted by Linda Clark on June 22, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

       How exciting it has been to meet some of the faithful readers of my books!  Thanks to Bernadette Loeffel-Atkins at Gettysburg Battlefield Books and Collectibles, and to Starr Steiner Fagerstrom at the Jennie Wade House for inviting me to do booksignings.   In July I will be at the Heritage Center Museum for a booksigning and for a presentation about my newest book entitled Wounded Houses, Shattered Lives