Gettysburg Civilians of 1863 

            Battle For Gettysburg Books by Linda Clark 

About the Author

      As a native of Gettysburg Linda Clark found her passion for books and the Civil War through a juvenile fiction book* presented by her third grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School.  Now a retired elementary school librarian and an emeritus Licensed Battlefield Guide, Linda enjoys researching the citizens of her hometown and telling their personal stories of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Hopefully these people of the past will inspire readers today.  She and her husband have a Gettysburg address with a view of the sun setting behind the Blue Ridge.


     The author has also supplied an extensive online Teacher Guide on this webiste to be used with Star Light, Star Bright - A Tale of Old Gettysburg.   It includes general activities as well as page by page activities and website links to related information.

      *That historical fiction book read was entitled Sewing Susie:  A Story of Gettysburg and was written by local author Elsie Singmaster. ( Houghton Mifflin Company, 1927 - 126 pages)  Unfortunately it is not currently in print or online.  However, another similar title by Elsie Singmaster, Gettysburg: Stories of the Red Harvest and the Aftermath, is available online at Google.  It was written in 1913, the 50th anniversary of  the Battle of Gettysburg.

     Many readers of Star Light, Star Bright:  A Tale of Old Gettysburg requested a nonfiction book that addressed the lives of the actual citizens mentioned in the story.  The nonfiction series "The Battle For Gettysburg:  What Was It Like For the Citizens of 1863?" was written to introduce some of the 2,400 civilians who personally experienced  the horrors of war.  That series now includes five books, each containing at least 30 actual residents of the town during the battle.






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