Gettysburg Civilians of 1863 

            Battle For Gettysburg Books by Linda Clark 

Welcome to Gettysburg,  Pennsylvania 1863. 

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     Pause to read these books and allow yourself to travel back in time to the summer of 1863.  Gettysburg was ground zero over 150 years ago as a pivotal American Civil War Battle was fought through the town and the surrounding farms. 

      The following series was written using first-hand accounts of actual citizens of 1863 as well as other research documents. The other selection is of the genre historical fiction, but includes the true experiences of many actual local citizens, historical icons, and military figures.  Readers from 9 to 99 can be inspired by the amazing people who grace the pages of these books.

The Battle For Gettysburg:  What Was It Like For the Citizens of 1863?

     This is the title of a series of nonfiction books that share the horrific experiences of actual citizens of Gettysburg.

 - Each book features thirty or more residents, using first-hand accounts when available to tell their stories.

 - Although the books are numbered, they do not have to read in order.

 - Each book has maps included.  Book 3 and Book 4 features suggested walking tour routes and Book 5 and Book 6 feature driving tours to view the locations.

     May you be inspired by these people of the past.  Current titles include:





Star Light, Star Bright - A Tale of Old Gettysburg (There is an extensive online Teacher Guide available.                                                                                       

     Meet Mary, Martha and Sadie, the Cellar Sisters of Gettysburg.  Mary Matilda Mickley loves going to school and writing poetry, bur she sorely misses her dear mother and her recently-married sister.  And, would her father ever treat her like anything but his little girl?  The summer of 1863 found the American civil War being fought right through Mary' town of Gettysburg ad she learned more about life in a season than in a lifetime.     

     This book presents the actual experiences of real 1863 citizens of Gettysburg through young Mary's eyes.   It intertwines literary selections taken from an actual reading textbook of the period to provide today's readers a glimpse of the education of yesterday.  Come face to face with some of the real citizens of Gettysburg who had front row seats to history in the making, including President Abraham Lincoln's most famous speech. 

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